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Poured Watercolor, 25x35"

Watercolor 365:

Daily Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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      Writing, organizing, and creating Watercolor 365 was an exciting and difficult journey. Exciting - because it was a dream come true; my work was to be published by one of the leading art book publishers in the world! Difficult - because I was going through some challenges in my personal life. These challenges felt like a fog that seemed to encompass all that I did. Unfortunately much of this fog came as I was completing the book and I failed to acknowledge and thank many of the friends and angels that helped me with this journey.


      Along with the friends that I thanked in the book, I would like to thank others that I consider to be on my team of superheroes here.

      First and foremost is Ruth Wittenberg. Thank you for your support, confidence, and laughter. It was much needed and even more appreciated.  The wonderful and inspiring watercolors of Anne Hudec need a special mention. Even though the photo of Anne’s work was not selected for inclusion in the book, I am grateful for her willingness to share. (More of Anne’s work can be seen at http://www.annehudec.com/)


     Thank you to Shannon and Jason Church, for opening their heart and their home to me. Janette Sproston, for being a constant cheerleader and believing in me. Stephanie Koett, for your courage and for paving the way in ways you will never know. Beth Patterson, my first real watercolor teacher and mentor, who inspired and opened the door to teaching for me.

     Many others have supported me along the way, including Katharine Casey, Janice Blore, Jared Burrows, Leslie Williams, Penny Bain, Louise Neufeld, Mike Todd, Roberto Alberto, Gillian Olson, Beverly Grice, Robert Conklin, Coral Keehn, Meghan Sharir, Meg Stooke, Frankie Boswell, Eric and Rachel Watters, Maureen McIIwain , David and Esther Whibley, Jim Monier-Williams, Victoria PD, and Sue Robinson. Thank you for what you did for me. You will always hold a special place in my heart.


      I also appreciate the love and support that Arnavi Raj, Shaquillia Johnson, Emily Chen, and Taylor Wagner have given my daughter. She has been blessed with so many caring and loving friends in her life as well.

      Again I would like to thank my mother and for Jen and Sean Olson for always being there and believing in me. As always, I need to mention and thank my beautiful children, Hannah and Blake, for giving me purpose and for being the best models I could possibly have. You are my greatest joy. Finally, I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for absolutely everything and especially for sending me these angels.