Poured Watercolor, 25x35"

Watercolor 365:

Daily Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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Here's what others have said about my book:


I ordered your book from Amazon and it arrived last week. I could not put it down and read right through it in 2 days!!!! I need to start over and do it day by day, but Leslie you need to know this is the book I have been waiting for.  It gives me practical hands on solutions to situations that occur while getting lost in painting. You have wisdom mixed with technique and such a joyful spirit. Thank you.


Love your book! After watching your video, I received 3rd place in a Pinellas Art Society Show in Florida.


I saw some of Leslie Redhead’s paintings in a Twin Falls gallery, and was impressed by her skill at watercolor. I did a quick internet search, which led me to this book. The book is friendly and easygoing, and the author explains all the watercolor basics in digestible bites. I did not follow the day-by-day format, but read it all the way through, marking pages with sticky notes and highlighters. I use it like a handbook. Thank you Leslie Redhead for re-kindling my love for watercolor.

-Irma G.

I wanted to buy a book because I was tired of hunting for inspiration online. The day I received this book my life changed. Apart from having great pictures and tips on how to achieve it. It has notes and techniques on paper, color, brush, brush strokes. It's a painting Bible.


I adore this book. I read a passage once per day to let it really sink in and I find that all of it has been really useful in learning or adding onto anything you currently know about watercolour painting. It’s a super useful read!


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