"Very rarely have I had an artist come in who is such an excellent teacher and a great artist. Leslie Redhead, who did a pouring watercolour workshop just "wowed" the participants and they were clambering to ask her back. She's full of life, patient, loves what she does and it shows. It's good to get a watercolourist who has such different techniques and I was duly impressed. I'd highly recommend her as a return artist."

-Margo Meakin, workshop coordinator, North Shore Artists' Guild

Vancouver, BC

"Leslie is a gifted teacher who can help those who need to explore their own path to knowledge."

-Beverly Grice 

Vancouver, BC

"Leslie is an excellent teacher for all aspects of art and we can't wait for her to come back with us again in Spain later this Spring. Her poured watercolour techniques are so mind-blowing. Just love her work!"

-Mike Powell

Chef at Flavour of Spain


"Leslie's presentation, demos, training and tips really opened my eyes to many new possibilities.  I am already planning to attend her future workshops (and exotic weekends) and to creating new works - with a different vision"

-Richard Sharp

Vancouver, BC

"I have had the good fortune to partake in two of Leslie's workshops.  If I lived close to her, I would be signing up for so many more. Alas, I will be returning to Edmonton at the end of the month.  However, I feel so fortunate to have learned from Leslie.  She is a skilled artist and a capable instructor.  She is thoroughly prepared, well organized and teaches in sequential steps.  Leslie gives honest and helpful critique, while highlighting areas that are well done, thus encouraging the individual to continue along the artistic journey. If you have an opportunity, don't hesitate to take any of her classes.  Amazingly, she's a master painter in so many diverse areas;   portrait, landscape, floral, still life,abstract and of course the dynamic technique of paint pouring.  Leslie is a warm, positive person who generously shares her 'tricks' and methods with her students and wants everyone to succeed.  Thank you, Leslie. I go back with more tools in my artist’s kitbag."

-Berni Cameron

Edmonton, Alberta

"I have taken watercolor painting classes in Victoria B.C. from Leslie Redhead since 2008. The classes included painting portraits, nature scenes, pouring paint scenes and large-scale flower painting.

 Leslie is particularly good at demonstrating techniques first and then giving lots of encouragement at each stage of the process.

 Also, she made classes very enjoyable by bringing books to illustrate relevant techniques or style of other artists. Leslie gave lots of helpful information and hints on different kinds of brushes and paints.

 Leslie has many years of experience painting and I think she also has a natural talent with watercolors. She has done some amazing work! Also important is that Leslie is always trying out new ideas and techniques using watercolor. In my opinion she is a great teacher and I hope to take more classes from her."

-Barbara Roberts

Victoria, BC

"She's the best! Both supportive and encouraging in her approach as a teacher and technically competent - especially re: colour theory in her painting practice."

-Kevin Ronneseth

Victoria, BC