Change of Plans

Dogwood Blossoms, poured watercolor, 14x18"

I was reflecting on how much life has changed this morning.

This past Tuesday I had plans to be in Seattle. I was to demonstrate for the Northwest Watercolor Society. Something that has been on my calendar for nearly 18 months.

Next Saturday was to be my wedding. We wanted a casual ceremony with family and close friends. To be honest, this date was a bit flexible for us. Since it was to be a small ceremony, almost a backyard barbecue, we were discussing a few dates. June 6 seemed to fit the best for everyone when the pandemic hit. We decided it best to postpone the wedding until another time. This was hard. The excitement of seeing loved ones and to finally call my best friend my husband will have to wait.

I was also suppose to be in Victoria this summer to teach at the University and a few courses at the Coast Collective Art Centre. Fortunately I can still teach for the university as they have moved their classes online. Unfortunately, I will miss interacting with my students, my favorite part of teaching! I love getting to know them, hearing their stories, and watching their ideas and skills be manifested. I was also very saddened to hear that the Coast Collective has had to shut their doors due to the pandemic. I was one of their first instructors when they opened and will miss teaching for an amazing centre.

However, I have been busy creating online course content. For the university and for my faithful students. I also was able to create a demo video for the Northwest Watercolor Society. The dogwood blossom painting is a poured watercolor I did for the group. And even though I wasn't able to be in Seattle to demonstrate, at least the demo can be watched in the comfort of their own home and their own pajamas.

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