Morning Mist

Morning Mist, watercolor, 8x10"

This past week I have been working on creating online courses and building my studio. Through it all, I realized that I am not painting as much as I use to and I miss it. I do have days and weeks where I spend long hours working on larger pieces but my daily painting of quick studies is long gone and my watercolor sketchbooks are covered in dust.

Soon summer will be here and I will want to be out in the fields creating plein air paintings. This will be hard to do since I feel so out of practice. I also felt embarrassed that I am not doing my daily painting. I mean, I am the author of Watercolor 365, the book that offers tips about daily painting. Why had that gone to the wayside? So I decided I needed to pull out a small piece of watercolor paper I had and get to work.

This piece was the view I had the other morning as I looked across the lake. The lake had just thawed but mornings are still cold enough for frost to be on the ground. The light shining from one of the cabins felt warm and cozy compared to the chill in the air. The scene just had to be painted. It felt so good just to put my brush in my hand, forget about all my other obligations, and just paint.

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