Shazam, watermedia, 11x14"

Now that I have walls and heat in my new studio, I have been creating online instruction and painting like mad. (Yes, heat! It still gets quite cold at night here in the mountains)

I had plans to go teach at the University of Victoria this summer as well as do some demonstrations in the area and teach at the Coast Collective Art Centre. Now with the onset of the plague, those plans changed, as have for so many others. I am now teaching online for the university but will not be in Victoria any time soon.

I was also sad to hear that the Coast Collective Art Centre will be closing its doors. I began teaching there right when it first got started many years ago and continued to do so over the years. I even had my 40th birthday party on the grounds of the original gallery. I made many wonderful artist friend through that organization and it just breaks my heart to know that it will not be a place to gather and create.

I do have plans to have a solo exhibition this summer at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Moses Lake, Washington. The exhibit is to go up mid June. As of right now, it is still happening but plans may change. In the meantime, I am using all my wonderful reference photos from the area to paint. It is good practice, feels wonderful to paint, and if it doesn't happen next month, I will be ready for when it does happen.

Shazam, is a scene that I viewed while driving through Central Washington from Moses Lake to Lewiston, Idaho. I was on a road which would become the Palouse Scenic Byway. It is my new favorite drive. However, the part where I stopped to photograph this sky wasn't very scenic yet - until I saw that sky.

The title came from a friend that exclaimed, SHAZAM! when she saw it. It is a watercolor but I have varnished it and mounted it to a board. I call it watermedia to separate it from my paintings that I still frame under glass.

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