Wedding Bouquet

Poured watercolor, 11x14"

This painting is gift for a friend's daughter that was married last summer. My friend wanted something special and unique for her daughter to help her remember the special day. I suggested a painting of the bouquet since these don't usually last very long and since they had a photographer taking photos of the couple.

The bouquet was interesting in that it was made out of sola wood which is from the root of the tapioca plant. It was also blue and green flowers. The look of these flowers made it easy to translate into a poured watercolor and was excited to give it a try. I tried 4 colors instead of my usual 3. The addition of Cobalt Blue to the mix gave a softer blue and green than what the Winsor Blue would give. It added more variation which I could work with.

I must say, I love how it turned out. So did the bride and the mother of the bride.

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