Women in Watercolor 1st Annual International Watercolor Competition Merchandise Award

Earlier this month I entered a few pieces in the Women in Watercolor 1st Annual International Exhibition. This past Thursday, I saw several social media postings that the list of winners was out. I know that in previous shows that I have entered, the winners are usually notified before the list comes out. I had not received an email and assumed that I was not one of the lucky ones.

However, I was curious to know what pieces were considered award winners and took a look at the list of winners. Half way down the page was my name. Leslie Lambert Redhead. I had to look closer. Maybe this was just a listing of those that entered and their pieces,, I thought. But no, there was my name underneath the heading, Legion Paper Merchandise Award. And the piece they listed was not the one I considered to be my best painting that I entered. I looked again and again trying to make sense of it.

The next morning when I opened my Instagram, I discovered the above photo announcing my award. Then the reality of it hit. I won an award!! WOW! I really won! It wasn't some misprint or wishful thinking! I actually won. It was such a pleasant surprise and have been over the moon about it.

The painting that won is not the one that I expected to get an award. It is a watercolor pour of my paint tubes and I call it Watercolor Poured.

It is such an honor that my piece was chosen since there were so many wonderful pieces that the judges had to choose from. I am so grateful for those that put this amazing show together and for those that decided that my painting was worthy of an award.

To view my other pieces that I entered as well as all the other entries and award winners, please visit

Watercolor Poured, 14x21", available for purchase

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