Liquid Delight

Liquid Delight, 14 x 21", available for purchase


Tormenta , 14x21", available for purchase

Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild, 15x22"

In Motion

In Motion, 15x22"

Big Blue

Big Blue, 30x40", available for purchase

Blue Roar

Blue Roar, 15x22"

Bursting Wave

Bursting, 15x22"


Overflow, 14x21", available for purchase

Tumultous Seas

Tumultuous Seas, watercolor, 15x22" available


Splash, 14x21', sold

Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas, 20x30", sold

© Copyright of all images by Leslie Lambert Redhead

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In Motion

In Motion, 15x22"